Performed a tear off and mopped on modified bitumen re-roof. Our sheet metal division also installed gutter and downspouts, as well as a large chimney cap.

Installed shingle roof on middle school as well as modified bitumen flat roofs. Our sheet metal shop installed soffit panels along with gutter and downspouts.

Davis Academy

Chattahoochee Tech - Canton Campus

Installed shingles on main and mechanical roofs, as well as aluminum box gutters, downspouts, and fascia. Installed standing seam aluminum panels and soffit on front barrel canopy. Also installed rain chains in some locations.

Performed tear-off of the cafe's existing built up gravel roof, and re-roofed with a fleece-back TPO.

The Walker School

Marist School

Westminster School - Middle School

Installed shingle roof, as well as aluminum dormers, gutters, downspouts, conductor heads, and fascia board cover on main roof. Installed standing seam aluminum roofs and downspouts on the bike canopy and front entrance canopy. Also installed a TPO roof on the mechanical room.

Emory Oxford - Fleming Hall



Installed white modified bitumen roofs throughout. Installed clay tile walls and screen walls. Installed aluminum coping cap. Installed stainless steel internal gutter system. Also, installed paver system with adjustable stands.

Emory Health Sciences Research Building

Roofing Atlanta Commercial Roofing